The Secret World of the Cloakroom

There is an increasing trend of decorating in a more individual and unique way…but have you thought of applying that to your cloakroom too? Whether it’s with a vibrant wallpaper, unusual accessories or even using a theme…we’ve been having a look at the interesting ways in which to decorate the smallest room in the house…

Size Doesn’t Matter

It may be small, but it certainly has the potential to really pack a punch! You can use bold patterns and colours through artwork or cover your walls with an eye-catching wallpaper!


Create a Talking Point

You will be proud to point your guests in the direction of the cloakroom and they will be talking about it long after they have gone! By making use of existing features and then really accentuate them you can create that long-lasting look.



If you head over to our Pinterest board (click here) you can see some fabulous ways to add some quirky accessories to your cloakroom!

Have a Theme…

Make your cloakroom fun and unusual – add a theme! We just love this interpretation of ‘entering Narnia’, creating a magical feel in what would normally be a simple cloakroom!


Do you have an interesting or unusual room? Let us know, we would love to see! Or need help creating something of your own? Our designers are on hand, so just call our studio – 01206 305912.

The Secret World of the Cloakroom



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